Zhao Guangjun inspected YWICC
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On April 19, Zhao Guangjun, secretary of CPC Jinhua, inspected  Yiwu  Industrial and Commercial College.

Delgation of Zhao Guangjun visited the campus

    Secretary Zhao visited the campus, the Inovation  Park and  the Industrial  Design Center.  During the visit, the secretary of school committee of the cpc Wang Zhenhong  introduced the situation about the history of school development, the team of  teachers, the cultivation of talents and social services. Secretary Zhao spoke  highly of the our schools  grades, especially the reform of talents training mode.

Secretary Zhao Guangjun praised the two national R&D  platform based in the Inovation Park

    Secretary Zhao pointed out that the commodity is the unique advantage and brand  of Yiwu. We should pay more attention to the creative design of small commodity  which  can improve the connotation of commodity quality and enhance popular  commodities market  competitiveness. At the same time, we should pay attention to the radiation  function of urban industries and solve the problem of housing and transportation  of high-end talents by speeding up the construction of comprehensive traffic  corridor.

Secretary Zhao Guangjun listened to the report of studio  instructor

    Secretary Zhao stressed that the design reflects the culture and relies on  talents. High-end creative design talents plays an important role in the  changing structure of the urban population and raising the city cultural grade.  Our school needs to build a multi-functional platform for talents agglomeration  and education training. Whats  more, the school should further optimize and beautify the campus environment to  become a tourism destination. It can attract visitors and customers and expand  influence of school. At the same time, the government would be supportive of the  school in improving the educational level in order to serve regional economic  and social development at a higher level, higher level service .

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